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Clients say:


"It has always been a pleasure to work with Betsey, she is pleasant, efficient, and communicates well.  Betsey has really helped us to get a lot accomplished."

Hershel Jick, M.D.

Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program





“Betsey’s services have proven to be invaluable to me in streamlining the process of identifying and purchasing appropriate data sources for numerous health and economic outcomes studies conducted for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Betsey’s services save a great deal of time and effort in preparing research proposals and also provide an efficient and cost-effective avenue for technical assistance with data sources following project award.”

Keith Davis, M.A.,  Director of Health Economics

RTI Health Solutions




"Betsey is well informed and does a superb job of acquiring information and answering relevant questions leading to the acquisition of databases.  She does so in a timely and unbiased manner and is a pleasure to work with."
Carl Asche, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center, University of Utah




"Betsey provides data acquisition service that covers almost all of the major data sources.  Her company is the "one stop shop" to count sample sizes and weigh the pros and cons of alternative data sources.  Her extensive knowledge of various retrospective data sources and professional help throughout the process of data acquiring also make life much easier for my organization, and reduces the chance of mis-communication between data vendors and us."
Eric Qiong Wu, PhD, Analysis Group Inc.




“For potential clients that are unfamiliar with how to leverage claims data from U.S. Health Plans, using the services of Health Data Services Corporation permits quick ramp-up and understanding of claims databases along with expedited access to key suppliers and analysts.”

Simon Ferrazzi, Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Janssen-Ortho Inc.  Canada




“I have found Betsey's services to be invaluable to me.  She is extremely knowledgeable about strengths and weaknesses of various databases and appears to have an excellent relationship with these companies.  She always provides  the information needed to make an informed decision in a timely manner.  She is also willing to go "above and beyond" to help out her clients.”    

Maureen Lage, Ph.D.

HealthMetrics Outcomes Research




"Betsey truly brings added value in selecting databases.  Beyond her great knowledge and experience, she works diligently to gather relevant information to make the best selection of a database for the particular research questions.  My experience with Betsey is consistent with her reputation for being an unbiased broker."

David Wilson, Director Health Economics
Genzyme Corp.




“Betsey brings a wealth of experience to the use of databases in outcomes research.  Her knowledge about the contents, organization and benefit structure of databases is considerable.  She not only provides data, she makes honest recommendations about the strengths and weaknesses of the data and how best to utilize the information that is provided.  She provides a unique service in terms of fine-tuning each data request in order to ensure that all possible  avenues are covered.”  

Christopher Evans, Ph.D., Senior Project Director

Mapi Values