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Frequently asked Questions 


What does Health Data Services Corporation do?

Betsey Jackson helps health researchers find the best match among database options for research projects.  Betsey is an independent agent ('broker') who works with the top database vendors in the US and Europe.  


Who are the clients?

Health researchers in health economics, outcomes research, risk management, drug safety, pharmacoepidemiology in pharmaceutical firms, University settings and independent organizations.


What is the fee?

There is usually no fee: nearly all database vendors pay commissions on sales -- for the vendors, this is an alternative to the cost of using internal personnel. You will know when you are paying extra and will be given the option to deal directly.


How does it work?

Betsey helps you to specify your data requirements and to identify the best database options for your  project.  She then works with the vendors that you selected to obtain estimates, fees, answers to any project-specific questions or requirements.  You receive a consolidated proposal with patient counts and fees for all of the database choices --  usually within five business daysYou make the final choice.  You may also select analytical services from a variety of vendors.  Betsey manages the contract processing for you and deals with any issues that arise.


What are the benefits?  You:

  • Save time and effort -- using an 'outsourced' data acquisition service

  • Consider more options

  • Have up-to-date information

  • Receive the detailed information that you need  from an independent source